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9cm Paring Knife


The Paring Knife, ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables along with other small, delicate tasks in the kitchen.

  • 9cm blade
  • 67 layers of folded steel
  • Full tang
  • Ergonomic, carbon fiber finish handle

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The 9cm Paring Knife is a small, all purpose kitchen knife perfect for any task that requires precision and detail. The name comes from its use in peeling or ‘paring’ fruits and vegetables, but its small blade tip and point make it perfect for any other tasks that require finesse.

A must have for any well stocked kitchen, the Takumi paring knife allows any home cook or chef to slice, chop, and peel cleanly and precisely.

All Takumi knives are made with 67 layers of folded steel, creating a stunning ripple pattern down the length of the blade. With a full tang and an ergonomic grip, all Takumi knives are durable, strong and resilient.


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