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Artisan Series


The Artisan Series is a set of three essential knives, the Chef’s Knife, the Slicing Knife and the Utility Knife.

This set includes:

  • 20cm Chef’s Knife
  • 20cm Slicing Knife
  • 12cm Utility Knife

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With each knife fulfilling multiple roles in the kitchen, the Artisan Series is designed for maximum functionality with no compromise on finish or feel.

This three-piece knife set includes the 20cm Chef’s Knife, perfect for any chopping, slicing, dicing or mincing tasks, The 20cm Slicing Knife, ideal for slicing through meats, and the 12cm Utility Knife, perfect for precise and detail oriented tasks.

All Takumi Knives are forged from 67 layers of folded Japanese steel and feature a full tang for added strength, leverage and comfort.


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