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Master Series


The Takumi Master Series is a complete set of 5 essential knives for any kitchen, allowing for precise and effortless prep.

This set includes:

  • 20cm Chef’s Knife
  • 20cm Slicing Knife
  • 20cm Bread Knife
  • 18cm Santoku Knife
  • 9cm Paring Knife
  • Matching Black Magnetic Knife Block

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The Master Series is a set of 5 Takumi knives, curated to handle any kitchen task. The set includes the 20cm Chef’s Knife, an essential staple of any kitchen, the 20cm Slicing Blade, with a flexible blade for carving, the 20cm Serrated Bread Knife, for breads and soft fruits, the 18cm Santoku Knife, with a thinner blade for a lighter feel, the 9cm Paring Knife, perfect for precision and detail, and a Black Magnetic Knife Block to display and store the knives.

With 67 layers of folded steel, every Takumi Knife features a carbon fibre finish handle and a full tang. All Takumi knives have a forgiving edge that responds well to sharpening and is perfect for those new to honing knives.

These knives are simple and traditional, with dark finishes and steel detailing. Each one features a mosaic inlay on the handle – the mark of the craftsman.


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