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18cm Santoku Knife


The Takumi Santoku Knife, ideal for all slicing, dicing, and chopping tasks in the kitchen.

  • 18cm blade
  • 67 layers of folded steel
  • Full tang
  • Ergonomic, carbon fiber finish handle

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The Santoku Knife is an all purpose kitchen knife with origins in Japan.

Often compared to the traditional Western Chef’s Knife, the Santoku Knife can perform slicing, dicing and chopping tasks with ease, and also has the ability to tackle large cuts of meat. The Santoku Knife is perfectly balanced, with the blade and handle being equally weighted for a precise, clean cut every time.

Made with 67 layers of folded steel, the Santoku Knife makes short work of any task in the kitchen and is a must have for any home cook.


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